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Lost item Recovery Service

My Service                          screen-shot-2019-11-27-at-1.55.50-pm.jpg

 I search for jewelry, rings, cell phones, artifacts, keys, caches, bullets, property markers and other lost metal items.


I metal detect in shallow water or on the land.

I employ only the latest detecting equipment along with over 35 years of experience to find your lost item both on land and in the water.



My name is Ron Shore and I have been metal detecting since 1975

 I am also the owner of Windy City Detector Sales & Rental, a metal detecting retail dealer in Chicago since 1985.

When you choose me for the job, you are assured a professional search conducted with integrity.


I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever!

Fees                                       screen-shot-2019-11-27-at-1.47.16-pm.jpg

I charge a show up fee (depending on location) to cover time and travel and work on a reward basis.  If I don't find your lost item you don't owe me anything but the show up fee.

If found reward optional and at your discretion.


When searching for a lost items, timing is everything, please schedule your search as soon as possible.

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Search Types

My equipment and expertise allows me to search beaches, parks, yards, farms, RV parks, campgrounds, and in lakes & rivers (Up to 4ft depths).

Lost items such as keys, jewelry, gold, silver, platinum and iron items such as survey markers are just some of the items that I am capable of locating for you.

If you lost your item on private property or on state land, it will be necessary to obtain prior permission from the land owner or land authority before I can conduct a search. I am happy to assist you with this process.

Search Locations           

Arlington Heights, Barrington, Chicago, DesPlaines, Elk Grove, Evanston, Glencoe, Niles, Lake Forest, Park Ridge, Wilmette. Western Springs, LaGrange.

Will travel further, if your city is not listed please ask.

Just a few of my recent finds






Got engaged in January and future husband out of state and she did not have the heart to tell him she lost her ring a, $15,000 diamond engagement ring, not inured.
House searches can be tough, as metal detectors really don't work in a house. After hearing her story it sounded like it had to be there so took one room at a time and gave them a thorough search.
Searched every room in apartment for hours and was getting close to calling it when I tried one last thing, took off her pillow shams in bedroom and found it there.
She cried all during the search and the picture tells the story when it was found.
No better feeling!!!



Lost her father’s ring who recently passed, ring was lost in the water in lake Michigan.
I was very fortunate to have found it for her, the waves were high but got lucky after only about 10 min.
Just would not have been able to leave this one without finding it.

Diamond ring found at the beach


 lost 1ct diamond engagement ring at the beach.
After about an hour of hunting hit it, the look on her face when

I pulled it up made it worth it!!


Lost Diamond Platinum engagement ring found in Norridge, Il 


Got a call telling me an Engagement ring given 50yrs ago was lost in yard.

Found it in about 15min.


Lost Diamond Platinum Wedding ring found in Elmwood Park, Il

  • finds-6.jpg

Received a call saying that their 4 year old son through a jewelry tray out a second story window, they were able to find everything except for a platinum wedding ring, No more than 5min into searching I hit it. Love a happy ending.


Lost Diamond Earring found in Mt Prospect  


Lost Diamond Earring found in Mt Prospect doesn’t have to be big to mean a lot to you. received a call , when lost a diamond earring while cutting the grass.


Class ring found after loosing over a year ago


Got a call, she lost a small class ring about a year ago in a private volleyball court. Found it about 20" deep in the sand.


Gold ring, retirement gift lost


Got a call today from someone that lost his 30 year retirement gift ring, while playing basketball with his grandchildren. After a couple hours of searching finally hit it, took a weird bounce and found it where it really should not have been, opposite side of the basketball net, must have hit the net and and bounced behind him


Wedding ring found in Lincoln Park area Chicago


Husband and Wife had a little disagreement Wife let the ring sail in the wind. This was a tough one as the ring was pretty small and found up against a sprinkler box which my detector could not get close enough to it,  so actually found it after about an hour with a pinpointer.

Now that the ring is back hoping they are too.   


Received frantic call, lost her wedding ring off her deck.About an hour of searching had it back on her finger, her smile says it all!



Received a call regarding a lost ring on a volleyball court.old me he lost it on Friday and contacted me on Tuesday,our courts are hit hard over the weekend so I really did not have high hopes of finding it but told him will give it my best shot.This the first time I have been asked to find a Tantalum ring, honestly never even heard of it before this.

The old adage applies, they are never found where you think they should be, after about an hour of searching with no luck, I broadened my search area and hit it about 50 feet



Lost while raking leaves, a Norwood Park father calls for his daughter who
Lost her gold wedding ring while raking leaves



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