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Used/Demo Metal Detectors and accessories

Consignment Metal Detectors

All in excellent condition with original box, pictures available upon request

Minelab Equinox 600  With warranty and 6" DD smart coil (does not come with original coil) $500.00


Minelab E-Trac with 2 year warranty with Nel Tornado coil (does not come with original coil) $800.00


Tesoro Cortes  $ 575.00

Vista Gold  $550.00

Vista Smart  $520.00

Garrett AT Gold $525.00


This Unit is approx 1year old

Comes with the following,
Field holster
Hard travel case
3 Test Targets
Training DVD,
BOOSTER UPGRADE INCLUDED ( $ 269.95 VALUE ) This is used in situations were extra signal strength is required due to interference or other factors that require more accurate target discrimination. If not needed, pops right off of antenna system or can be shut off by means of a switch. Mounted on antenna in photos.
Features include separate gold/silver switch, battery test light, extendable triple antenna system, digital tuning for added accuracy, meter readout with large easy to read numerical values.

HOW IT WORKS in short - Long range locators are used to search large areas in a minimum amount of time, increasing the efficiency of target location. The free floating instrument will lock on to a target ( visualize the needle in a compass - it will always point North regardless of how you change the position of the compass itself) with the added ability to lead the user to the target location, usually within 2 to 4 feet square area. This is achieved by either triangulation or boxing method. Distances and depth the instrument can achieve can vary according to various factors, such as operator skill, dry - wet ground, item conductivity and length of time in the ground, size of target and so on, but the factory specs suggests: depth up to 24 inches, distance up to 200 feet on small targets, depth up to 8 feet plus on large targets. distance is up to ½ mile.
Metal detectors need to search every inch of an area to assure total and complete coverage of an area. By using a long range locator, you can narrow your search area quickly and accurately, allowing the operator to concentrate only on the potential site itself. A metal detector can then be used to accurately pinpoint coin size targets. Please note : as this instrument does not work like a conventional metal detector, new users will require a certain amount of time to learn proper operating procedures.
Made in the USA
Retail Value over $1100




Nel Attack for Garrett AT Gold ($125)

Nel Tornado for Tesoro Silver, Golden UMax, Cortez, DeLeon $115

Vista Smart 15" $150

Vista Gold 15" 150



1 – Whites TRX ($75)

1 – Detector Pro Pistol Probe ($90)


Water Scoops

1 – T-Rex $85 (no handle)


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